Eggs around the world is a free service.

And it always will be.

In the past three years, over 50000 Dragon Cave users used the service of EATW and almost 25000000 dragons hatched in the EATW hatchery. Almost 280000 trades have been arranged on the Dragonmarket. Over 2000 users are using the unique signatures generated by EATW.

But running this service is not free of cost for me. The server alone costs 350€ (~370$) every year, add countless hours of work put into maintaining the website and the server. EATW was available for over 99.5% of the time over the last year and that's how I would like to keep it.

That is why I need your help. You donation ensures that EATW will run for at least another year.

Paypal will charge 0.35 € + 1.9% of the gross for each transaction. All money donated is used to keep EATW running.

So far 320.00€ have been donated. This leaves EATW with 298.74€ after transaction fees.

An excess of 19.89€ is caried over from last years donations.

The goals are 106% met.