Latest News I will try to keep this section up to date, but I can't promise anything.
'Limited functionality' posted by Ext3h on 12/13/16

A few functions of the page don't work as expected yet after switching the server. The API access for the new server has not been activated yet, so functions related to that are not available right now. To be specific, the login to the Dragon Market is currently not secured via the Dragcave API, and the animated signatures can't show any dragons, only generic statistics.

'New server' posted by Ext3h on 12/04/16

EATW has moved to a new server now. This move was long overdue, as the previous server had been continuously running for over 6 years and was starting to develop hardware failures.

With the new server in place, the recent failures from the past few days should now be resolved.

Thank you all for your generous contributions which made it possible to operate this site up to date!

'New egg types on the Dragonmarket' posted by Ext3h on 08/28/13

The new eggs from July release and Tow-Headed Madness are now available on the Dragonmarket.

Also a slight change of rules, requests can no longer be empty. In case you are actually not asking for anything in return, use the new explicit "For free" option, otherwise use one of the wildcard options.

A few users had to be expelled from the Dragonmarket for abusing it to beg for clicks. Any reported violation will result in a permanent exclusion.

'Autoviewer speed reduction' posted by Ext3h on 08/01/13

There was a recent update to the Dragcave server, which prevents users from generating any OV und UV at all if to many OV have been generated from a single IP address in a certain period of time.

The EATW script was adapted accordingly, amongst others the speed of the autoviewers has (hopefully) been decreased below that threshold. Don't worry about accidentally going above the threshold if you have multiple viewers opened, in that case you will just get the message "Autoviewer paused - to many open autoviewers." and the autoviewer will start again once it is safe to.

'How the distribution of views works (UPDATE)' posted by Ext3h on 06/21/13

UPDATE: The number of views for hatchlings after the 4 day mark has been increased by an significant amount to counter a silent change made by TJ09.
UPDATE2: EATW now detects when the hatchling has gendered and cuts down the views until it is time to grow up. In return it gains more views until gendered.
UPDATE3: Added indicators to the scroll management page which tell you exactly if EATW will put your egg/hatchling into view rotation or not.
UPDATE4: ER zone now only starts when EATW shows 3 days, 23 hours left. This happens about 30 minutes after the time displayed on switched to 4 days left. (There is a 30 minutes offset in between what the API tells and what the dragcave is using.)

First of all a word on how views are distributed:
EATW assumes certain numbers of views and unique views to be optimal for an egg or hatchling of a certain age. Any egg or hatchling which is below that number will be included into the view rotation, if they are far below they will be considered ER and receive an additional boost, up to the point where they receive several thousand views per minute if necessary.
A low time egg is not necessarly an ER, take Sunrise eggs for example. They can have sufficient views to hatch, but they won't since they are outside their timeframe.

The actual distribution happens according to the following chart:
view graph

  1. Safe zone for fresh eggs. They won't receive any views until 24-36 hours in to prevent sickness.
  2. Slow increase of views, mostly to accumulate unique views to cause cracking and ease hatching.
  3. Regular breeds should have long hatched now, but views still increase for incubated eggs and slow hatching breeds.
  4. Safe zone for Sunrise/Sundown eggs. They won't be able to hatch outside their timeframe, but the numbers should be still safe. Acts as ER zone for other breeds.
  5. Neglected experiment zone. Once the egg has less than a single hour left, all available resources will be concentrated on that single egg, causing it to hatch within seconds.
  1. Safe zone for fresh hatchlings, this ensures that they get removed from the rotation for a while and also gives the owner a chance to remove the hatchling from EATW in case he wishes to delay the growth, e.g. for trading.
  2. Most hatchlings should have sufficient views to gender already, so they only receive little more for now to actually trigger gendering. Views are cut down once it has gendered to ensure a fair distribution of views.
    Please report by Email if this does cause sickness for you.
  3. Short and intense burst once they pass the 4 day mark, causing most dragons to grow instantly. View ramp up even further for really slow hatching breeds.
  4. ER zone for hatchlings, everything entering this zone is getting viewbombed until grown up.

The system isn't final yet, there are a few known issues:

'Reworked internas' posted by Ext3h on 06/03/13

The internals of the hatchery / ER have been fully rewritten.

It is now completely safe to add fresh eggs at the 7 day mark to the hatchery as no egg or hatchling can get sick any more.

ER status is no longer determined based on the time remaining, but rather by the number of views, unique views and clicks in relation to the dragons age.
If your egg or hatchling is flagged as "ER", that only means that it won't be able to hatch in time at the current stats and should be added to the hatchery soon. If you prefer, it is still completely safe to wait until the 6 hour mark in case you are planing to trade.

EATW will automatically hide your egg / hatchling from the rotation once a healthy numbers of views has been reached. It will be shown again once it is ready to receive more views.

However, it is no longer safe to use EATW in combination with other hatcheries. The sickness protection only works if EATW is the only hatchery used, using it in combination with other hatcheries will lead to sick eggs, this is inevitable.

'Some news?' posted by Ext3h on 02/15/12

Allmost 1 1/2 years since the last news? Oh my...

A lot of features have been silently added to EATW during this time, the following is just a short list of the most noteable features.

Integrated ER
Once your egg or hatchling drops below 4 days, it will be automaticly given more views to hatch faster. No need to flag it as ER by hand, the system will do that for you. Also all ERs will be permanently monitored by the system to protect them from sickness. This makes EATW the safest ER ever. And thanks to the high number of active users one of the fastest as well.
Self removing adults
Whenever you see an adult or fogged dragon on EATW it will remove itself from the hatchery the moment you see it. Manually removing such dragons is usually not necesarry as your browser does all the work for you. This ensures that views are actually distributed only among dragons who need them, making your dragons hatch even faster.
The only non forum based dragon market for Have something to trade? The chance of making a successfull trade via the dragon market it much higher then posting in the forum. Besides that, complete trades will automaticl remove themself from the market, so there won't be any outdated posts.
EATW provides you with an huge collection of helpfull tools, among others the fastest inbreed checker, the most helpfull scroll stat generator which shows you various information about your scroll, among others a list of all pairings on your scroll, dragons not yet used in any pairing and a list of all caveborns. Last but not least the signature generator which shows every one how many dragons you have collected and if you are free to collect new eggs.
Special codes
After adding your dragons to the hatchery, you are shown a collection of 10 special codes which will show random dragons from the hatchery. While the most regular views are generated by the autoviewer, those special codes are essential to collect high numbers unique views for low time ER. This allows ERs to accumulate views faster then it would be possible in any other hatchery. This also means that EATW is perfekt for neglected experiments as it makes the hatchery powerfull enough to hatch an egg from 0 views within less then a single minute.
The heart of the hatchery, the automated viewer. It is designed to distribute the views as fair as possible among all dragons in the hatchery. Dragons with only a little time left (ERs) will be given more views, the exact amount depends on the grade of the emergency. By activating the "high speed" option, you can give one unique view to every dragon in the hatchery in less then 30 minutes and another regular view every other 30 minutes. This is the fastest and thereby most effective autoviewer among all hatcherys. This allows EATW to generate enough views und unique views to hatch your dragongs without the need for a second or third hatchery.

What features will come next? Depends on your suggestions. When there is a feature you miss desperatly, feel free to leave a reply in the official thread on the dragcave forums. I'm especially looking for new designs for the signatures, so if you have some nice background graphics you want your statistics printed on (and maybe a random egg/hatchling/dragon from your scroll, possibly even an animation?), just feel free to ask.

'New banners' posted by Ext3h on 09/25/10

Thanks to SilenArpia we have now a new, improved header and a bunch of new banners. The new banners can be found in the "About"-section as usual, there are also some banners for the dragonmarket now.
By the way: Allthough the donation-bar says only 5% of the monthly costs were coverd thats not exactly true since there is also income from adds (you hopefully not blocked) which excatly makes up with the server costs.

'Dragonmarket now (finaly) bugfree' posted by Ext3h on 08/30/10

Lately the dragonmarket had a few bugs, first old offers didnt't get cleaned and when i tried to fix that bug suddenly all trading requests got deleted within 3 hours, no matter weither they were still valid or not. Sorry to all of you, who tried to add your offer over and over again and it got wiped again and again.
However, things should be back to normal now.

'New features again' posted by Ext3h on 08/03/10

In addition to the new tools we had last time there are two more new features, an automated signature for your forum account in the tools-section and a whole new section, the dragonmarket.