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Note: Entries with insufficient contact details will be deleted without a warning. Scrollnames do not count as contact detail.

Offer Request From
Offer Request From
tV2EX Vampire Dragon violet_ninja +
Psg2i caveborn any rare dragon soulchaser +
An9Zt LgWor P2kbl any dragon any rare dragon White_dragon_2k9 +
Qs2V3 Chicken caveborn Seasonal Dragon littleblackdog +
aSgy5 any rare dragon vogeltje1226 +
uvHsP zKsW2 any rare dragon vogeltje1226 +
V6Ndv vfYb5 any rare dragon vogeltje1226 +
cxtBt Dino (any) DiamondAbigail +
gmlzN any rare dragon Haradrenel +
E8tqe d3CYB nVuDA Copper Dragon (blue) hotred +
KP0PW any dragon any rare dragon robotchimera +
lJoSK md4v0 any dragon any rare dragon RukieOokami +
ptmh6 any dragon NoriNeko +
wEmWO any dragon NoriNeko +
jec5z caveborn Sunset/Sunrise Dragon caveborn Sunset/Sunrise Dragon InnocentGuillotine +
Dlpgk J4Hys ZgvgC sHJfw hatched any dragon any dragon Black Dragon Missingheart +
2F9fB UUJai any dragon Ebrill +
VZvHM any dragon any rare dragon FearTheFuzzyBear +
QGU9D any dragon Present_toy +
DZfPe any dragon Present_toy +
Ibtfk any dragon sharadhan +
PyRjo Dino (blue) Chibity +
IYuAc caveborn any rare dragon marianne_louvre +
sAzSM Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Nilia Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy any rare dragon Dragowolfy +
zKSov Vampire Dragon braviary123 +
eJMBy ePR3B lineaged any dragon gryphonic +
mvKQG any dragon Silesta +
3YF5B fqSpD vmqXZ xXUnk any dragon Olive Dragon Black Dragon Dark Green Dragon any rare dragon shopfront +
11i54 6bcuC any dragon Salanditz +
0j9AZ Dino (yellow) Dino (blue) Dino (green) Dino (purple) Onakra +
3qcad any dragon any rare dragon Airashii-Tsuki +
gysFQ any dragon tjekanefid +
Edl1G aEKEF oXL7I Cheese Dragon Dino (any) Akaashi12345 +
QQYLD TMuZe any rare dragon any rare dragon Kintara +
E0HsY any rare dragon Very_Magic +
fQhXL Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Sunsong Amphiptere any dragon any rare dragon NaiCifer +
d3571 any dragon any rare dragon kovifeco +
6ycRM fAt1R any rare dragon ArtemisWolverine +
Qztxq rsaog any dragon Elery +
Dj1jC eayWI any rare dragon Pikachu-Dragon +
NEdB1 meQbI any dragon avtokran +
nTyIw caveborn any rare dragon any dragon Dino (any) caveborn Ice Dragon Teah +
S57AL caveborn Copper Dragon (any) kam-_-kam +
ZJWPV caveborn any dragon any rare dragon Geminia905 +
vtiCB any rare dragon JoanOwl +
L2b9g gQnLc caveborn any dragon Sprudel +
5ePzH EBEos Xn9xA any dragon fckn_awsm +
QAtMM any rare dragon Igieyo +
ICsCj any dragon bluebird4 +
7BY2n Xk5mE Sunsong Amphiptere Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Raverange +
TNWpT any dragon any rare dragon esotericAegis +
LoNmU any rare dragon caveborn Blusang Lindwurm Shadow_Ninja431 +
Osjib h2oXS any dragon Elery +
GTYV5 YGlev any dragon Elery +
1tgK2 any dragon maaters +
ldeNv any rare dragon rawrmaster +
mHIm6 any rare dragon twol8sue +
cuMfr fuqzB Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) any rare dragon Silver Dragon Frosttalon +
NTlzM RlFF1 tpLU1 Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Sunsong Amphiptere PiercetheFallOut +
zS2oE Sunset/Sunrise Dragon djack +
CNsF0 any rare dragon Jocosa +
S3Htg any dragon Jocosa +
n116A svOpH v1aPF lineaged any dragon MelodyMystik +
53FhF TD8Ti eJ8go v6Epk Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Dino (any) Cheese Dragon caveborn any rare dragon oragon +
rDcpw any dragon Silesta +
NcunA any dragon Ylangylang +
IXTFs KyO5q any rare dragon Siliskor +
ETjW8 any dragon argentum_viridis +
chyKZ any dragon odst-buck +
u1Lur Thunder Dragon LordMaddie +
2SzSA kmEFS any dragon any rare dragon zhenyue +
hmhtJ any rare dragon TheNorthStar +
65NUk cZhNx hdrXC kVoUg any rare dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) Misscryptic +
PgG9i UaPzE caveborn Nilia Pygmy caveborn Crimson Flare Pygmy caveborn Sunsong Amphiptere caveborn Sunset/Sunrise Dragon katchil +
Ke62Y g3cbN caveborn Sunsong Amphiptere sumi77 +
xUqOJ any dragon any rare dragon biogum444 +
LfaKR any dragon BELISAR +
8F95l any rare dragon DragonTwin +
7CNET any rare dragon erevainsgirl +
eRqCv otY8y Nilia Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy SmokeyKitty +
HpFPm Z1XkR pPCSB any dragon any rare dragon lux-astraea +
JFnG4 hatched any dragon caveborn any dragon Lyncerta +
cAhkx any dragon TTlili +
pvBDM rx87w any rare dragon fox_gloves +
Yet to be bredany dragon Jazzilynn +
38drq MToYG any rare dragon kiwarrier +
EOoCK lineaged any dragon caveborn any dragon NyxViola +
ev7nf hatched any dragon caveborn any rare dragon akdmathr +
7yBNi McvEC any dragon any rare dragon Dino (any) Sunsong Amphiptere Crimson Flare Pygmy CaddyShack2747 +
ttCW2 Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Sunsong Amphiptere Crimson Flare Pygmy Nilia Pygmy Dragowolfy +
Cw7TL JB3su z6GW8 Copper Dragon (blue) Copper Dragon (red) Copper Dragon (red) Copper Dragon (blue) meowxmeow +
7hXD8 any dragon Silveryfox_6 +
fUcKe eOzLD Dino (any) Copper Dragon (any) devingp +
4e9H2 9sSEc hatched Shimmer-scale Dragon (gold) Kate the Fox +
e0s4p caveborn Crimson Flare Pygmy Aniusia483 +
DOGwL qwoWv caveborn any dragon caveborn any rare dragon leoak +
tKkxF Dino (red) any rare dragon Gingehfish +
0GAOy Seasonal Dragon Crimson Flare Pygmy Nilia Pygmy Sunsong Amphiptere Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Amethyria +
aqSCv kMbgw Dino (any) any dragon norvill +
GG88A WmmGD bgG1k any dragon Dino (blue) Dino (purple) Dino (green) norvill +
MFAgz any dragon user560 +
DqceE any dragon Spiteful_Crow +
9VADO Magma Dragon Dino (purple) Dino (red) I_D_K +
nXz3v any rare dragon any rare dragon mrmrjongo +
WQoES gyvjB any dragon KageSora +
Ztplu Gold Dragon catsays +
E6dHc PSd4F ssmNF xxiy9 Dino (purple) biancatale +
sPXq3 hatched any rare dragon hamsterwoman +
3Bsd0 caveborn any dragon caveborn any dragon ATS +
sMUPb Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) caveborn Copper Dragon (blue) any rare dragon caveborn Silver Dragon NekoA +
6hb9h any rare dragon Gold Dragon Silver Dragon Neglected Dragon Skyrange +
rRb3u any rare dragon eingana +
OIn9H Magma Dragon Izuka +
wbzUI caveborn Copper Dragon (blue) odst-buck +
udryr Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) any rare dragon Melinor +
GBblb any rare dragon Speckle_Fire +
EiKBk caveborn any dragon Apollotrix +
APUNw UFQW0 a3q5P Chicken Cheese Dragon Dino (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Paper Dragon Taikutsu +
6D4r6 any dragon strongpup +
dqtt9 Dino (yellow) Dino (green) Dino (purple) Eldi +
WfBlM caveborn any dragon caveborn any rare dragon Baw +
MeKAe any rare dragon Gold Dragon Silver Dragon tgc04134 +
WX3Yx caveborn any rare dragon Moiken +
kzjiP Magma Dragon Wolf_lover12 +
pPhEU any rare dragon Clovergrl +
faaDr caveborn Pink Dragon TheKewlUmbreon +
Ql70V bSihG Ice Dragon Ultraviolet Dragon Ultraviolet Dragon Glaucus Drake autumnrain78 +
6iPPh Rk8dg uyPdd znbYt any rare dragon Willowbreeze562 +
eFzg1 Dino (purple) Pippyspot +
OQgbR any dragon ComradeKamikaze +
3H8CR caveborn Hellfire Wyvern SHadowqueen1321 +
8V3OJ Blusang Lindwurm AussieDay4eva +
0kisl PwCPd RFcvN SawW6 dh2AF wFTMY For free any dragon any rare dragon Neglected Dragon Buildingsensei +
dDklC oFQbc any dragon featherwolf19 +
Yet to be bredFrostbite Dragon luxrayx +
Yet to be bredcaveborn any dragon shiva123 +
How to trade?

To establish a trade, go to your Account menu and click on Active Transfers. Click on the Teleport link next to the magi dragon you wish to use. Type in your password, select your transfer type, and then select the eggs/hatchlings you would like to trade. Click the Teleport button and then voila! A transfer link that you can copy and paste will be on the next page.

Note: Please be careful when selecting your transfer type. Transfer (one-way) will enable anyone who is given the link to take the eggs/hatchlings without giving anything in return.