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Offer Request From
Offer Request From
CyKEM JFmDv XEhFM dhVuy hatched Pink Dragon DoodleMax +
Y8kil z2ECs Seasonal Dragon MetalMilitia +
Z83da any dragon any rare dragon stormbirdrising +
qYpcf any dragon any rare dragon stormbirdrising +
GP1x8 QVTrd hatched any dragon lazurite +
NVOLb X5am9 pm7yc hatched any dragon Shadowdrake +
CWgkc FJ6cM hBD9M ldySc Horse Dragon Daydream Dragon Ridgewing Dragon (tan) Gold Dragon RBAT +
rDiq0 yJo4T any rare dragon Melinor +
1KzwD any dragon any rare dragon Sincu +
0eBUT 60CXu TIfZd Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Gold Dragon Silver Dragon twol8sue +
Y4wkC Pink Dragon Red Dragon any dragon MetalMilitia +
e1F19 Neglected Dragon Gold Dragon Silver Dragon MetalMilitia +
EFv5w DpCu7 LmpKm caveborn Silver Dragon any rare dragon any dragon radiohostcecilpalmer +
KBPLP Ice Dragon Magma Dragon LadyKitai +
mWE42 caveborn Two-headed Lindwurm (grey) caveborn Copper Dragon (any) Dino (blue) Chicken Cheese Dragon Liontails +
B4SoY any dragon any rare dragon NaiCifer +
KauI2 Uo0kq any rare dragon any dragon user560 +
hQHkK any dragon any rare dragon nmdsh +
fYQ0Y caveborn Gold Dragon caveborn Silver Dragon DenaWalker03 +
Obpo0 any rare dragon any dragon Kate the Fox +
KdtCM any rare dragon any dragon Kate the Fox +
AN7lZ caveborn any rare dragon Dino (any) Cheese Dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) oragon +
AJARL hatched any dragon Sempra +
95BmK any rare dragon any dragon sugarbeets +
23iiP 6bcaa z6pDo any dragon Fly-by-Night +
FisDQ any dragon Tomtom92 +
VSLnX any rare dragon GgRayquaza +
CvKpT lineaged Gold Dragon lux-astraea +
Yet to be bredcaveborn any rare dragon Katharos_Seraph +
gF5Di Black Dragon CrazyMadafakaNanjo +
R618A icM0L Tinsel Dragon (any) Magma Dragon Ice Dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Gold Dragon Charliepop +
uM7jZ caveborn Thunder Dragon CxyGL +
ICDEn any rare dragon blockEdragon +
vGZIz any rare dragon blockEdragon +
FdjTc pgans caveborn any rare dragon any dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) Inverse +
EVDcc Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) caveborn any rare dragon Shapochka +
fsIlH any rare dragon Kimi_Lavender +
6xUY3 Valentine '11 Rosebud Dragon any dragon dragonuit584 +
TjAud sppDM caveborn any rare dragon caveborn any dragon Sharanay +
Wl95B any dragon any rare dragon Lordorchid +
PVnfh dmPIP oHOHg any rare dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) White Dragon jjjjh961009 +
iaVSk caveborn Two-headed Lindwurm (grey) hatched Two-headed Lindwurm (grey) leoak +
9eeAq any dragon any rare dragon ladyinpink +
OiP82 eM8H5 xE1Tz any dragon Tomtom92 +
4whZm any rare dragon feuerrabin +
3Nm6u iEOIN any rare dragon feuerrabin +
AbJuf GSYfT t0Xs8 any rare dragon any dragon este +
1m560 RQV9V yY0BP any rare dragon any dragon missrabbit7 +
doCL1 hatched any dragon any rare dragon jdj4639 +
eoeSL caveborn Gold Dragon Neglected Dragon yyqh +
FU0yR VmiIP ztaiJ caveborn any rare dragon Neodoragon +
D0bmR any dragon nireizena__da +
dIyth any rare dragon jerzeeshadow1 +
8s52u IyRkv QOQpg Paper Dragon Bl00d_ReD +
rF27T Cheese Dragon Bl00d_ReD +
8RjPE Dino (any) Bl00d_ReD +
Yet to be bredcaveborn Nebula Dragon raichu59013 +
kpZvG any rare dragon Jackcat15 +
ZecSV gd6GZ Tinsel Dragon (gold) Tinsel Dragon (silver) commandoninja +
qM85F any dragon MelodyMystik +
HNhOg caveborn Pink Dragon caveborn Thunder Dragon Nayelianne +
L1zjC lineaged any dragon wolfgirlys +
nUsdK hatched any rare dragon Hells_Bells +
MH24u caveborn Daydream Dragon ScourgeHedgehog +
waYg4 caveborn Daydream Dragon ScourgeHedgehog +
63QiW any rare dragon Spark-Dragon +
1heW1 zYjrU any dragon Flyingfennecfox +
Ay803 any rare dragon bluedragen_girl +
3x7EV n6dC2 vgUVU Silver Dragon Gold Dragon any dragon EndDragon +
35tdr E9nTL MHN7q Nxgkr kmOMN any rare dragon amazing_lush +
HcRRD any dragon Pink Dragon Nayelianne +
HDl8W caveborn any dragon caveborn Copper Dragon (blue) leiriafire +
aZSrg any dragon any rare dragon Molly27 +
uVWIP caveborn Ridgewing Dragon (tan) lineaged Ridgewing Dragon (purple) lineaged Nebula Dragon chrylaoxide +
D6xxJ KGYaI dbyJO im9Ei Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Gold Dragon Silver Dragon sunnyss +
5dtZR N73jw any rare dragon Spark-Dragon +
DBQKR any rare dragon norvill +
1Jdrg any rare dragon hess +
iWdPJ caveborn any dragon caveborn any rare dragon TheAz +
6qTzr any rare dragon Zeta_Riemann +
HzKVS any rare dragon erg06 +
qW2sO Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) any rare dragon celis +
RR92Y Black Dragon Dark Green Dragon Dino (any) any rare dragon Sophie04 +
qYyQD Nebula Dragon SynyAutumn +
1hmsm 6CGMU any rare dragon any rare dragon Viperflower +
Q4tdo n1JU8 any dragon any rare dragon 0214kjm +
9WgHO Magma Dragon lillybell40 +
GSnZc any rare dragon Zurdiithoo +
8wFbR Shimmer-scale Dragon (silver) Shimmer-scale Dragon (bronze) 0214kjm +
How to trade?

To establish a trade, go to your Account menu and click on Active Transfers. Click on the Teleport link next to the magi dragon you wish to use. Type in your password, select your transfer type, and then select the eggs/hatchlings you would like to trade. Click the Teleport button and then voila! A transfer link that you can copy and paste will be on the next page.

Note: Please be careful when selecting your transfer type. Transfer (one-way) will enable anyone who is given the link to take the eggs/hatchlings without giving anything in return.