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Offer Request From
Offer Request From
4YBjn XZ8zV mU0io caveborn any dragon jewelstarnight +
iDZOr oxIuS yy9IL any rare dragon Red Dragon Gold Dragon Yukiblue +
2Bk0t Ms2UF iNGGy u7j7F hatched any dragon hatched any rare dragon Thefe +
i1C3m Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) caveborn any rare dragon caveborn Copper Dragon (any) NekoA +
3wnN3 any dragon any rare dragon Kate the Fox +
Zwklm Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) any rare dragon MIGOR +
0PF9q 9arJv GhvbS QrSBF tQwFf Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) caveborn any rare dragon oragon +
6Yvxc caveborn Paper Dragon hanapple +
prjRe caveborn Nebula Dragon ScourgeHedgehog +
2m4fD GU59f ilE7r lVWNO tLOfW tXm39 any dragon argentum_viridis +
CGSWT caveborn any dragon any rare dragon JonnVdb +
1wk72 Thunder Dragon Ice Dragon Magma Dragon Nebula Dragon ceroshiro +
Yet to be bredShimmer-scale Dragon (any) Humus +
FPte7 any rare dragon any dragon este +
6By5U SuZfp caveborn any dragon jewelstarnight +
425RQ Red Dragon Pink Dragon Moonstone Dragon allnightbo +
9hGmr lineaged any dragon hatched Red Dragon catzrule1990 +
8m7Uq any dragon RainbowSnowstorm +
K49gQ caveborn Silver Dragon Serpenton +
UYwCF Seasonal Dragon Cameko +
It5Ut caveborn Ice Dragon FayriTayell +
xSRge any rare dragon Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) SinionKabe +
diPmu Dino (any) any rare dragon pookaoi +
AMp8u FiUAD ejMXm Copper Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) any dragon LemonSucker +
Hoq6K any dragon any rare dragon igieyo +
4E83J any rare dragon pookaoi +
PxX1O iigmz voWsJ any rare dragon Magma Dragon Paper Dragon Chicken lexarlite +
V4ok5 Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) ideunatty +
kczHI any dragon Morgieporgie04 +
eBomY Soulpeace skrawnymaster +
HWtSp pRIRt utaMA Blusang Lindwurm Dino (any) bethfroggy +
wtFOR lineaged any dragon Blusang Lindwurm any dragon Kakaru_of_DOOM +
juPZW any dragon jian1201 +
UkAew caveborn Copper Dragon (any) Tinsel Dragon (any) Shimmer-scale Dragon (any) Dino (any) newrain +
iKPiD Dino (yellow) credit +
QXDoU smM7D any dragon any rare dragon cloudcrow +
cHzqw any dragon Morgieporgie04 +
bjygq any rare dragon any dragon Kate the Fox +
AmkEF any rare dragon GayBirb +
Yet to be bredany dragon HawktalonOfRiverClan +
yGcwk Dino (any) caveborn Copper Dragon (any) caveborn Silver Dragon DavidC +
enA4D any dragon Qwerty189 +
f6KEl lineaged Nebula Dragon lineaged Hellhorse Dragon infiniteviking +
Yet to be bredValentine '09 Valentine Dragon Valentine '10 Sweetling Dragon Valentine '11 Rosebud Dragon Valentine '12 Heartseeker Dragon Valentine '13 Arsani Dragon Athelstan +
How to trade?

To establish a trade, go to your Account menu and click on Active Transfers. Click on the Teleport link next to the magi dragon you wish to use. Type in your password, select your transfer type, and then select the eggs/hatchlings you would like to trade. Click the Teleport button and then voila! A transfer link that you can copy and paste will be on the next page.

Note: Please be careful when selecting your transfer type. Transfer (one-way) will enable anyone who is given the link to take the eggs/hatchlings without giving anything in return.